A future you can count on.

Making big financial decisions—especially ones that will impact your future—can be intimidating.

When you’ve done a good job saving or have a strong income, you want to know that you’re making the right plans. But without financial expertise, how can you trust yourself? You don’t want your future to be based on a guess.

At Bannerman Wealth, we get it.

When it comes to planning for the future, experience counts. Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you make the right goals and get the right results.

We’re committed to helping you think bigger so you can achieve what you thought was impossible—a life with the freedom to do what you actually want, both now and in the future.

Older couple who is happy because they have found a great financial advisor.

The Process is Simple

Craft a Plan

Craft a Plan

We’ll get to know you and your goals and pave a path toward embracing more than you thought possible.

Follow Through

Follow Through

Working closely with you, we’ll implement your plan and stay in regular communication.

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

With financial worries off your plate, you can focus on extra time, flexibility, and relationships.

You deserve to feel confident in your future. We’ll help you make a plan so you can meet today (and every day after) head on. Get started today!

Meet Our Team

Josh Bannerman, CFP®

Founder | Managing Partner

With over a quarter-century of experience in financial planning, investment planning, and entrepreneurship, Josh believes that everyone deserves objective, unbiased advice. The kind of advice that can’t be provided at a “big-box” financial services firm.

That’s why he left the big guys and started Bannerman Wealth to specialize in comprehensive fee-based financial planning, helping clients from across the country enjoy the benefits of clear, simple plans that help them think bigger and achieve better.

Because he loves to share what he’s learned in his career (and have fun!) Josh co-founded the Stacking Benjamins podcast in 2012 with his podcast partner, Joe Saul-Sehy. (If you’ve listened, you’ll recognize Josh as OG.)

Josh is a Gen Xer and firmly believes that family time is just as important—if not more so—than work. He’s in love with his wonderful wife of 22 years, Lissa, and their three kids: Alex, William, and Caroline.

When he’s not creating solutions for clients, you can find Josh golfing at his local golf course, flying his Cirrus airplane, relaxing with the family in Houghton Lake, or officiating college football.

Jen Pritchard, CFP®

Lead Advisor

Jen Pritchard became a CFP® professional to help her peers make the best financial decisions and build a life they love. As someone who grew up in a single-parent household on a teacher’s salary, she understands the impact of making the best financial decisions.

She joined Bannerman Wealth in 2019 to work with successful young professionals who are looking to feel secure with their finances today while also building wealth for the future.

Jen earned a BS in personal finance planning from Texas Tech University and has worked in financial services for nearly a decade. She enjoys pursuing continuing education, not only in the technical areas of financial planning, but also through human psychology. She has a certificate in The Science of Happiness from BerkeleyX.

Originally a Texan, Jen now hails from north-central Missouri with her partner, Orin, and their three animals, Jax, Sunny, and Stormy. When she’s not working with clients, she enjoys being outside as much as possible, reading a book at the local winery, traveling, and catching up on the most recent season of Survivor.

Jacquelyn Girling, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning

A born and raised Houstonian, Jacquelyn graduated from Texas A&M with a major in business and a minor in financial planning. Since then, she’s been working on complex financial planning cases at financial planning firms across her native state.

Jacquelyn passed the CFP® exam in 2018 and completed the experience requirement in 2019, when she also joined Bannerman Wealth.

Jacquelyn loves to spend time volunteering to give back to the financial planning community. She has volunteered with the Financial Planning Student Association at Texas A&M, the Texas A&M Money Education Center, and the Financial Planning Association. She was honored with the Selfless Service Award from the Texas A&M Financial Planning Program in October 2021.

In her spare time, Jacquelyn enjoys singing, producing music, and traveling.

Anna Allem, CFP®

Associate Financial Advisor

With her commitment to lifelong learning, Anna Allem is constantly finding new ways to best serve her team by expanding her knowledge of finance and investments. Since graduating from the University of Delaware in 2017 with a BA in Finance, Anna has been committed to learning and gaining experience collaborating with advisors to determine the most suitable investment options for their valued clients.

Anna successfully passed her CFP® exam in November 2023 and is excited to continue developing her professional skills.

Anna lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband, Austin and new daughter Olivia.  In their spare time, they enjoy playing golf, taking bike rides, and spending quality time with their families!

Anna Allem, Associate Financial Advisor

What’s in a Name?

Learn what a CFP® professional is, and why you need one on your side.

Did you know that anyone can call themselves a financial planner?

The CFP® designation helps you make sure you’re working with someone who is qualified, certified, and trustworthy. Applying a holistic, personalized approach, CFP® professionals work to coordinate all of the parts of your finances into a cohesive whole while always putting your best interests first.

To become credentialed, CFP® professionals must meet 4 requirements:



Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and complete a comprehensive financial planning course from the CFP Board.


Pass a rigid certification test that covers the entire financial planning process including scenarios and case studies.


Have at least 6,000 hours of experience in financial planning or 4,000 hours of apprenticeship (with additional requirements).


Agree to abide by a high ethical and professional standard and to act as a fiduciary—putting clients’ best interests first.

At Bannerman Wealth, we’re proud that all of our financial planners have earned the Certified Financial Planner® Certification.

Words To Live By

We believe in simplicity and practicing what we preach.

The market cannot be controlled or predicted. We believe the market zigs and zags at a moment’s notice, for no apparent reason, and no one, not even financial advisors, can predict in advance what will happen. That’s why we build your portfolio to fund your long-term financial goals—so it can weather normal market ups and downs.

Stock market advances are permanent—its declines are temporary. It is natural to fear loss, but there’s a profound distinction between volatility and loss. Sometimes, our best advice is to NOT give into fear. That decision may one day be the most important one you made.

There’s no such thing as ‘no risk.’ Retirement portfolios designed around “fixed” and “guaranteed” products are akin to death by a thousand paper cuts. A long-term retirement portfolio needs to have its income rise to combat rising cost of living and preserve purchasing power.

A portfolio is not the same as a plan. You, your family, and your business need a well-thought out plan, one that’s written down, made as specific as possible, and funded by systematic monthly investments no matter the market conditions. A portfolio can be an important part of that plan, but is not enough in and of itself.

Optimism is the only realism. We know it can be tough to have confidence in your financial decisions. That’s why we’re here to support you along every step of the way. We’ll help you make sure your portfolio is well-diversified, your plans are smart, and your loved ones are protected. We’re here for the long term, and it’s going to be great.