5 Ways Financial Planning Can be Fun

by | Apr 19, 2023

We get it. When you think of financial planning, fun might not be the first word that pops into your mind. But hear us out–while financial planning might not be the same kind of “fun” as a ride on a rollercoaster or a day at the beach, having a strong, smart financial plan can give you a special satisfaction that we can’t call anything but good, old-fashioned fun.

Here are 5 ways that a great plan can make your life more fun.

  • Building dovetailed tax strategies

Okay, we know that as soon as we said “tax strategies,”  your brain switched from fun to boring. But get this–when you make a plan that takes into account your tax obligations and works actively to minimize them, life just got a whole lot more fun. What’s more, when you combine your tax strategies with your investment strategy and overall goals and values, you can end up with more of your money working for you. Now that’s fun.

  • Becoming a super saver

While, again, saving doesn’t sound much like fun at first, you just got to dig in a little deeper. Instead of thinking that saving is a chore or something that keeps you from spending money or having fun now, approach saving like a personal challenge. When you or your financial planner gives you a goal to save a certain amount, gamify it! Compare your savings to what they were, compete with yourself to save those extra dollars…and reward yourself when you meet your goals. (Even better, you’ll be able to use those saved dollars to help fund the really fun stuff–toys, trips, even an early retirement. That’s definitely fun.)

  • Establishing milestones to celebrate more often

Nobody says that you have to wait until retirement before you can enjoy yourself (or your money). That’s why we love to create milestones that you can achieve and celebrate. Achieving those wins–even if they’re small–along the way can help you stay motivated and committed to your financial plan. Looking forward to something is half the fun of any reward, but it’s also just as freeing to realize that you don’t have to live like a miser for 60 years before you can life the life you actually want. With a financial plan you can ensure that you enjoy yourself down the road…but also TODAY.

  • Untangling complex planning situations

Maybe it’s just us, but doesn’t accomplishing something complex just feel GOOD? It’s that same satisfaction you get when you finally solve that rubix cube or untangle the kite string or put in the last piece of the puzzle. Financial planning can be complex and overwhelming when you look at all the moving pieces, but it doesn’t have to be. We love helping you take one step at a time and see the beautiful simplicity to a strong financial plan. (And if you’ve worked with a financial planner who makes your head spin every time you talk to them…maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. At Bannerman Wealth, we strive to simplify the planning process for our clients, making it accessible and easy to understand.

  • Creating a good risk management strategy

If you have kids, you might know about the power of the swimming floatie. Yes, stuffing your kid into a life vest might be a little work at first, but once they’re inside, you can take a deep breath and actually enjoy being in the water because you KNOW they’re safe. The same goes for your financial plan. When you plan in advance for how to manage risk, you can relax a little and enjoy life because you know your financial well being is protected. 

 At Bannerman Wealth, we believe that everyone can benefit from financial planning. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, a financial plan can help you achieve your goals and create the life you envision. We are committed to providing customized financial planning services that help you achieve financial security, freedom, and…yes….FUN. 

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